October 30th, 2007

heroes - hiro jump

Brilliant disguise

Japanese fashion designer creates dress that transforms into a vending machine costume.

The idea, I guess, is that if you feel unsafe, you can disguise yourself as a vending machine. Although if your attacker decides they want a drink, you might be in trouble. Probably not very practical. There are some great pictures, though.

Also, from that same site, Osaka police use bunny-shaped lights when patrolling near schools. Going for death by cute, perhaps?
golden gate bridge


A pretty significant one, down east of San Jose. A long one, too, long enough for us to think about whether we needed to find cover. Mostly we heard it; something was rattling, I think maybe the doors to the water heater closet.

So just another day in California. The cats sure didn't like it, though.