January 7th, 2008

let go

"Okay, break's over."

Another quarter is upon us and I'm once again up before the crack of dawn to get to work on time. Six in the morning feels awfully early when you haven't had to see it for three weeks. One of my co-workers commented on Friday that I seemed well-rested. I'd bet you anything that's why.

Ah well, all things come to an end. It was a good break; I didn't finish everything I would have liked to do, but I got a good start on almost everything, and the projects we absolutely needed to do got done, or close to done. This is also probably the first holiday season in many, many years during with neither T nor I got sick, which also feels like something of an accomplishment. Also, a streak I'd be happy to keep going.

So now we re-open our doors to the school-going public, and it all starts again. At least the schedule is fairly light today. And Martin Luther King Day is only a couple of weeks away.
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Catching up

It's only been three weeks; it shouldn't be such a surprise to have students around again. And yet I keep doing double takes when people walk in the door.

Anyway. Catching up on library blogs, so it must be linkspam time!

* Remember the Sony ad I pointed out awhile back? Following some librarian feedback, they made an attempt to fix it. Did it succeed? Well...

* OMGLists: a site of amusing lists relating to pop culture, much of it geeky. I have to admit I'm more taken with the name than anything else. But some of the lists are pretty funny.

* What's the most expensive drink you can get at Starbucks? A guy with a coupon for a free drink decided to find out. Commentary at a Starbucks blog, including some interesting and amusing comments from baristas.

* Twittories: 140 people each contribute 140 characters to write a story. Exquisite Corpse for the modern age? I don't do Twitter, but it does sound like an interesting challenge. I wonder how you'd adapt something like that to LJ?