January 21st, 2008

ffx2 - paine with nooj

Metafic: "In the Shadows"

Title: In the Shadows
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~1400
Characters: Paine, Nooj
Pairings: Paine/Nooj. Sort of.
Spoilers: Not for the games; see notes.
Notes: This is a metafic for heyheyrenay's (most excellent and highly-recommended) story "The Damages of Loss", which was up to section 20 at the time I wrote this. My fic contains spoilers for that story -- definite spoilers through section 14, and vague hints for later segments. It also makes something plain that's only been hinted at so far. So bear that in mind before you decide what to read first. My story is set between the 14th and 15th sections.

I have been writing very little lately. I was starting to wonder if I was in a soaking-up period, given how much I've been reading and playing games the last few weeks. Then the first line of this story came to me while we were on Saturday's nighttime photo excursion. I wrote it down today so that I wouldn't forget it, and then the rest of this story pretty much appeared after it -- the first draft took me only a couple of hours. I'm fully aware that this could be jossed (i.e., completely contradicted by canon) in a manner of minutes, but sometimes a story demands to be written regardless.

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