February 5th, 2008


So that's done

I made my final decision while driving home from chorus last night.

Originally, I'd been planning on voting after work, but I woke up a little early today, so I decided to hit the polls when they opened. I told myself it was to get it over with, and because I like getting to wear the "I Voted" sticker all day, but secretly (although not so secretly, since I'm telling all of you) I think I really wanted to get down there so I couldn't change my mind again!

I was third in line of about eight people when the polls opened, and the line was out the door as I was leaving. I guess I'm not the only one who's excited about voting in a primary that's more than a rubber stamp. California officials are expecting a record turnout, and I bet they get it.

Tonight should be very interesting. Too bad it's a concert week. So instead of being glued to the TV and the computer all night, I'll be on the stage, working through the Carmina Burana. Maybe it's better this way, especially as it seems unlikely that the Democrats will choose a nominee tonight. But you can bet that I'll still snap on the radio the minute I get in the car.