February 25th, 2008

heroes - hiro jump

Miscellaneous P

Skimmed the Oscars last night. I thought Jon was much more comfortable as host this year than when he first got the gig in 2006 -- he seemed more in his element somehow, maybe because he gave himself permission to do more political jokes and more self-deprecating humor. I enjoyed his asides about the writer's strike, too.

Since I saw so few movies last year, I didn't have strong opinions about any of the winners. One that did make me happy was Tilda Swinton -- I didn't see Michael Clayton, but she's been amazing in every film I have seen her in, so I have no problem believing this was deserved. I would like to see Laura Linney get the hardware someday, and also Cate Blanchett. I loved, loved Marketa Irglova's speech about independent artists; that was the moment of the Oscars for me. Also, "Falling Slowly" is a beautiful song, and it was really nice to see it beat out the Disney machine (much as I enjoyed Enchanted and its music).

Also yesterday T got me out of the house to take pictures in a bayside park, which was nice but it would have been nicer if it hadn't been so windy, and I played some more DDR in exercise mode. It's fun while I'm doing it, although I feel like workout mode is actually less energetic than game mode; maybe I should dial up the difficulty a little. On the other hand, my knees were pretty unhappy with me this morning. So balance is good.

Final note: work is in the midst of a hell of a shake-up. Probably shouldn't comment on the details publicly, but it's been an interesting couple of days. The change is for the better, though. I'm pretty positive of that. I'll say more when I can. Just riding the waves for now.