June 6th, 2008



For the journalling meme that I posted awhile back, wildejoy asked me to write about what physical and personality characteristics I find most attractive in other people. I've been considering the answer for awhile (I promise I didn't just forget about the meme!), and I've come up with some ideas.

There are a number of things that I look for in men (and also notice in women, but since I'm effectively straight, if we're talking attraction, then it's mostly about men), but the thing that will always catch my eye and hold my attention is a nice head of hair. I generally prefer dark to blond, thick to thin, wavy to straight, and more to less, because in the end what it's all about is having something nice to run my hands through. Really short hair is fun to play with in its own way, but I've always loved the sensation of combing my fingers through a soft, thick mane.

I also look for elegant hands and a soothing voice.

More important than looks, of course, and as with the physical side I have many preferences, but the one thing I must have in a friend and/or a partner is the ability to cut loose and be silly. This world is a crazy place; it's just not possible to take it seriously all the time. Of course there is a time to take life seriously, but I need someone who can see the absurdity and revel in it with me. (Those of you who know T are probably looking at me sideways right now. I promise, he has this side to him. It just doesn't come out in public very often.)

So that's my baseline. Nice hair and a sense of humor (but the right kind of sense of humor). How about you?