June 19th, 2008

ffx2 - paine/nooj

P/N community!

So this is something I've dreamed about for a long time: an LJ community for Paine/Nooj. For years I have hoped that someone would start one, or thought about making one myself. Lack of time and inspiration to do any real moderating always held me back. Then, back when LJ announced the end of Basic accounts, I decided that I'd better at least create one, even if just as a placeholder, so that it would exist for when I was ready to do something with it. Just in case. That was several months ago now; again, with the time and the motivation and the wondering if there was anyone else out there who would even be interested.

But, well. I've never been one to be able to sit on anything I was excited about. And summer is now upon us, which usually means that more people are around to do fandomy things. Perhaps as a result, I've been seeing more X/X-2 activity lately, so I figured, what the hell. Maybe the time is ripe.

Besides, it just seemed wrong that there are two Paine/Gippal communities on LJ while there wasn't even one for Paine/Nooj. (Not that either of those are particularly active. But still.)

Therefore, I present:


A home for fanworks of all sorts (fic, meta, graphics, artwork, vids...) as well as discussion and just general sharing of the love for Paine and Nooj, together and apart -- but especially together. ;) As I said in the intro post, I'm more than open for suggestions about how to make a community work. Should I put up prompts? Other regular features? Any and all ideas are welcome.

Come visit, join up, post!! Let's get this off the ground.