July 27th, 2008

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Lazy; gaming report

Weekends have been full of plans lately, so I was very happy to have a couple of days this weekend that were made mostly of slothfulness (except for dinner at R&S's new place last night). Especially today, when the fog came back in and rendered the thought of going outside much less appealing.

So I did a lot of reading -- finished Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, of which more in a separate post -- and gaming. I have two main ones going right now: Mario Kart Wii and of course Final Fantasy IV. Mario Kart is much more fun and compelling than I would have ever expected. I've never been much for driving games, mostly because I suck at them, but this one is fun, and I'm surprisingly not terrible. I've been stuck on one particular series of races for a good week now (Special Cup at 150ccs, if anyone knows what that means), but I finally pulled out a good performance today, and won. So as far as I can tell, that's all the medal events; now I just need to get good enough that I don't get completely wiped out in online play.

Then of course there's FFIV, which is good so far. Great characters, which helps make up for some of the predictability of the plot line (although I can't decide whether the story is actually predictable in and of itself or if I've just heard enough hints dropped by fandom people that I can make better guesses than usual). Also, I learned yesterday that, to my chagrin, I've been pronouncing Rydia's name wrong in my head all this time. I'd assumed that the 'y' was a long "i" sound, but it's not, it's short. Like "Lydia" with an R instead of an L. Which, given Japanese, makes a lot more sense than a name that sounds like the word "rider".

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Hmm, I suppose I need a FFIV icon... any suggestions?