August 11th, 2008

ff12 - balthier

Definitely not in the comfort zone

Title: Judgment
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII (OGC)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~600
Characters: Dr. Cid, Ffamran
Spoilers: Yes, many and significant.
Notes: This was written for the "Out of the Comfort Zone" meme and oh boy was this that. The prompt was "FFXII: Cid and Venat" from lassarina, and I hope this qualifies. I still feel like I don't know this game well enough to write for it, and I want to get a replay under my belt before I take on anything more serious, but to my surprise this ficbit came quite easily once I sat down and got myself writing. (Of course, that might mean that it sucks... Since this is such a new arena for me, comments and criticisms on canon violations, characterizations, anything and everything are more than welcome. I mean, such comments are always welcome, but today they're even more welcome than usual.)

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