September 20th, 2008

cats - lexi innocent

Snuggle attack!

Yesterday afternoon, right after I wrote my last LJ entry, I headed downstairs. Once there, I was assaulted by an image of unimaginable cuteness -- two kitties, sleeping together on the couch; naturally, I turned around, went back up the stairs and began my quest for a camera. T had taken his new point-and-shoot with him; the SLR was here, but I didn't trust myself with that one. So I pulled out the old point-and-shoot, which isn't guaranteed to work on any given day. I crossed my fingers, turned it on... and got lucky.

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Another election season... it must be time for the political spectrum test to make the rounds again.

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Although I admit I get impatient with these political quizzes that only allow varities of "Agree" and "Disagree". Where's the "it depends" option? Also, whoever decided that Barack Obama should be slotted in as the extreme socialist on that front page image for the quiz is on crack. Dennis Kucinich, maybe.