September 30th, 2008

art - gorey neville

Something for everyone

Chorus has started. One of the pieces we're doing is "Chichester Psalms" by Leonard Bernstein, which I have done before, but not for many years. At yesterday's rehearsal, we worked on the second movement and came across the best musical notation I have ever seen. The men are just coming off a really fast, dark, almost scary section, and then the women come in with a soft, sweet line above them, with the following instruction:

"Blissfully unaware of impending threat"

But how do you say that in Italian?

Speaking of impending threats, this is probably my favorite commentary so far on the Wall Street bailout:

How Not to Ask for $700 Billion

(Hat tip to SE for the link.)

And finally, in much cuter news, if we only we could get everyone to watch this video of sea otters holding hands, the world would be a much brighter place. Make sure to stick through to the end.