October 19th, 2008

towel dog

Fun and games

Like everyone, I'd thought that Sarah Palin looked a great deal like actor and comedian Tina Fey, but I never really realized how uncanny the resemblance was until they appeared together on SNL yesterday.

So it's no surprise that it only took twelve hours for the Tina Fey or Sarah Palin quiz to make its world debut.

I did get them all right, but I had to think about some of them. If nothing else, I am entertained by the concept. Thanks to Jed for the link.

Jed also gets the thanks -- or perhaps I should say "blame" -- for linking me to Dicewars, which is a lot like Risk, except it plays a lot faster, and is way more addictive. Don't start it unless you have a little time to spare, and by "a little" I mean the next few days.

The new McCarthyism

By now, you've probably all heard that Colin Powell went on Meet the Press today, where he endorsed Barack Obama and said a lot of really stirring things about McCain campaign and how we treat Muslims in American society.

But maybe even better are the statements he made outside the studio door, afterwards. He goes after the idea that dissent is "un-American" in a really forthright way.

It's about time someone said these things. I only hope it's the beginning of the conversation, not the end.