December 2nd, 2008

hp - a few words

I left my heart in St. Littlefrank

Via SE, the Atlas of True Names, maps of the world and Europe that show the etymology of country, region, and city names. Some are fairly straightforward ("Land of Indians", "Virgin's Land", "Sea of Sand"), but there's a lot of fun stuff, too. Can you guess where "Land of the Chaste One" is? Or "Canal of Many Fish", or "Town of Respectables"?

But I think my favorite must be "I Don't Understand You!"

I wish the big map images on this page were enlargeable. Of course, then they'd be a lot less likely to sell the print versions. I have to admit, I'm kind of tempted.
ffx - lulu and shiva

Comfort Zone fic: "Lessons"

Title: Lessons
Fandom: FFX
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 895
Pairings: Yuna/Shiva. Kinda. If you turn your head sideways and squint really hard.
Spoilers: For FFX. Set during the Macalania sequence, but to be safe let's say spoilers through Bikanel.
Notes: Written for the "Out of the Comfort Zone" meme, to wildjoy's request of "Yuna/Shiva, innocence". She asked for crack but I'm not convinced this qualifies, unless the pure existence of the kinda, sorta pairing makes it crack by default. But it was the closest I could come.

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