March 31st, 2009

B5 - londo oh dear

Writing goals: March in review and goals for April


Well, I haven't actually updated my spreadsheet since March 10th. I've written since then, but not much. This has mostly been an editing month. Which is fine, I guess, but not what I wanted to report in this space. No fancy graph, either. Can't win 'em all, I guess. In part, I think losing four writing days to my Seattle trip threw me off my stride, but that's no excuse for not getting back to it.

Days written: I'm going to guess about half.
Words written: Around 4k
Stories worked on: 3
Stories posted: 1 -- the P/N microfic project with Nay
Total words for the year: About 23,000
Stories posted for the year: 10

Specific goals:

1. Write or do some substantial editing every day of the month, Thursdays and my time in Seattle excepted. (No free pass for Mondays -- chorus is off this month.) Yeah. Not so much.

2. Finish and post the FF in Space story. I did clean up the first draft and send it to beta. But I meant to have that finished before I left for Seattle, and I actually finished it... last Tuesday. Oops. Maybe this will emerge in April.

3. Make substantial progress on Aftermath. Not even a thousand words, unfortunately, but I did get some good ideas about how to carry forward, I think.

4. Write at least one story for ff_fortnightly. Totally skipped this one, too. Clearly, months where I'm off my writing game are not the time to commit to new projects.

So, where does this leave me for April, a month that will include two trips and the start of a new quarter? I think the number of goals is about right, but I should focus on fewer things. So, let's try this on for size:

1. Write or do substantial editing at least five days a week. (Which allows Monday and Thursday to be free days, if those are the days I most need off, but gives me more flexibility.) And get back in the habit of keeping track of days and wordcount!

2. Work on Aftermath, with a goal of completing a first draft of the chapter.

3. Work on (and ideally finish and post) Auron story for "fic exchange" with muggy_mountain, which is several months overdue at this point.

4. Complete overdue beta project. (That's fair to include as a writing goal, right?)