July 1st, 2009

moose sign

Back home again

Ah, home, with kitties and T and just missing a heatwave, although I hear it was actually rather nice in SF proper. At least I got two days of good weather in New England, and one of them was our beach day on Cape Code. (The other was the day we drove to Vermont, so at least we got sun on the most important days for it.) Provicetown is really nice, although the stony beaches are hard to walk on -- if I ever go back, I will definitely bring water shoes of some sort. Pretty, though. The town itself is very cute and full of dangerous stores, selling things like jewelry and chocolates and clothes I can actually wear. It's also a major gay rseort town, which led to one of the jewelry store owners making some incorrect assumptions when I was looking over anzubird's shoulder as she browsed the ring selection. ;) We happened to be there during the annual Portuguese Festival, so we saw two parades and some traditional dancing. There was some cool music, too. But the highlight had to be the Naked Boys Singing.

The second day was foggy and chilly, but at least it didn't rain. Then on Monday, amybang and I checked out the MFA, where I'd never been. It's an impressve museum, although it would have been even more impressive if they weren't in the middle of a huge construction project, with a significant portion of their collection off exhibit as a result. Still worth going, though, even if I'll have to go back in 2010 when the new wing is completed. Monday night was pub trivia, another new experience on a trip full of them; our team came out 4th out of 14 teams. Not bad really, although we blew a few things we should have known.

Then the uneventful flight home yesterday and the re-entry into work today, only a two day week for me since we get Friday off for July 4th. Not bad for the start of break. Hopefully I get some time to relax soon, though, since I've been in go mode for a few weeks now.