July 7th, 2009


Take that!

So I finished Phoenix Wright 3 yesterday.

As a whole, I'd say the games were fun, and enjoyable, if frustrating at times. Overall, I liked the story quite a lot, although I took such a long break in the middle of PW3 that it's hard for me to remember what exactly happened before. I'm tempted to play them all again, both to remind myself of all that came before, and because I was just settling back into the puzzles and gameplay when it was all over. Not sure it would be worth the time it would take to replay, though, although I'm sure it'll go much faster when I'm not running down all kinds of blind alleys.

I found the last case of PW3 to be the most satisfying overall, because it wove together so many threads from all three games. Collapse )

In conclusion, I liked these games, I'm glad I played them, and would recommend them to anyone who likes puzzle games with a good story. Also, Diego Armando is hot.

Anyone played Apollo Justice? Is it the same game with different characters, or does it add anything new in terms of gameplay? Does it carry on the PW storyline? Any (non-spoilery, if possible) thoughts are appreciated.
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