August 24th, 2009

ff12 - balthier

Fluff and Gameblogging

So I wrote two Moogle Fluff stories for ff_exchange this week (quickies to help tide over people who are waiting for late gifts): a Baralai/Gippal AU and a bittersweet Balthier/Ashe. Both of these stories came from bunnies that bit me hard and wouldn't let go, especially the first -- I spent a whole day at work thinking about it, writing down snippets so I wouldn't lose them, rushing through dinner so I could collect them into a story. That's a rush I haven't had in ages. Nice.

Lots of other nice stories and art over there, too, if you are looking for something to read. Moogle Fluff is almost closed, but the Chocobo Down prompts should be going up soon. Something for everyone! I know I'll be browsing the prompts.

Note that I have now written three stories this round, and two of them have been FFXII. I am getting more comfortable with writing in that universe all the time, and struck by more bunnies, and it's been fun. I figured the replay would help in that respect, but it's gone far beyond my expectations, and I'm probably only about halfway through.

Speaking of that replay... Have I really not updated since Jahara? Collapse )
ffx2 - baralai scissors

Character sketch

I don't know whether it's because of FFEX or what, but the writing bug has bit me hard lately, in particular with regard to finishing up all the various requests and prompts that I have hanging around. I intend to take advantage of the urge while it lasts...

Title: Baralai at 12
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: G
Wordcount: 830
Characters: Baralai
Notes: For wildejoy

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cats - tori glare


This is not a good time to be reading library news blogs. Closures, layoffs, unpaid furloughs. Yet another reason to add to the list of why I'm glad I didn't go into the public library sector.

Why, when people need the services a library can provide more than ever, are they the target of the most ferocious budget cuts? I will never understand.