January 3rd, 2010

book - read in bed

Holidays: Complete

Drove up north today to have lunch and exchange gifts with my parents and brother. Got a couple of books, a gift card (which we will use to buy Star Trek on Blu-ray!), and a hand-knitted bag made by my mom. With this visit, I officially round out my holidays; back to work on Monday, although school doesn't start for another week.

The upcoming week will feature a lot of meetings. Between those, I plan to focus on finishing up all of our break projects. I'm on track to accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish, which is pretty exciting. I don't think I've ever managed that over a school break before. Then we swing back into action with a new group of students, although this start is historically pretty small, so it should be relatively low stress.

As for the upcoming year, I have reason to hope that it will improve upon the last. Work is settling down, which is a big help in that regard. I don't have much in the way of travel planned, just a conference in Boston in April and BMC Reunion (15 years, how did that happen?) in May. I expect we'll also head down to San Diego to visit T's mom at least once or twice, and we're making noises about going to Vegas at some point. (It probably says something about my expectations regarding travel that I consider this roster of travel "not much"...) Closer to home, I'm slowly getting started on getyourwordsout, having made decent progress on one story already. Behind on word count, of course, but right now I want to focus on the habit of just writing something every day. Productivity will come later. I hope.

Also, a 46" HDTV is on its way, planned to arrive on Friday, so that's pretty exciting. My scintillating life, let me show you it. ;)