February 23rd, 2011

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Vorblogging: "Miles, Mystery, & Mayhem"

Mayhem is right. I suppose it has at least partially to do with his being the protagonist of a book series, but it does seem like wherever Miles goes, mayhem follows.

Normally I try to write up the individual stories separately, but 1. because I was out and about with the book, I started reading Ethan of Athos immediately after finishing Cetaganda and 2. those stories are so thematically related that I decided it made more sense to talk about them all together. I kind of wish that Falling Free had been included in this volume as well, because it ties in so well with the theme of the others: what are the social implications of genetic engineering combined with a technology that allows a fetus to gestate outside a human body? This idea provides an opportunity for some awesome worldbuilding, one of Bujold's strengths, so I really enjoyed seeing all her riffs on this.

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Taking a break now to read books 2 and 3 in the Soulless series, which I borrowed from S some time ago and would like to clear off the decks. But I picked up Miles Errant and Miles in Love at my local Borders clearance sale (sigh), so my omnibus collection is now complete!

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