March 12th, 2011

BMC - juno

FogCon: Day One

Just some assorted notes, mostly so I can keep track for myself of what I did and learned today. No one should attempt to use these as a complete write-up of anything, since I didn't take any sort of notes (except for keeping a running "oh boy, more books I need to read" list on my iPhone).

I got to the hotel around the time the programming started, about 1pm. I attended three panels, a reading, and a free-form debate, as well as the opening reception, and they were all interesting in their own ways. In order:

Collapse )

And now, to rest up for tomorrow. Programming actually starts at 9AM, but I fear I'm not going to be able to drag myself in that early. However, there's a panel at 10:30 that I definitely want to see, about Being Wrong on the Internet, so if I want to make sure to arrive in time I should get some sleep.

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