March 26th, 2011

quote - B5 avalanche

When companies do awesome things

Straight guy complains about gay romance in Dragon Age 2 (including a blanket dismissal of women gamers, as a bonus); BioWare employee tells him to "get over it".

The BioWare response makes me so happy. It is just about perfect. He even cites male privilege. I thought about saying more, but the blog entry linked above pulls the right quotes and does a great analysis, so anything I might add would be redundant; just go read it. So, so excellent.

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I am off to a librarian conference tomorrow! Leaving ridiculously early in the morning. First a few days in New York to visit M, and then I'll be in Philly for the conference through Saturday. I'll probably be mostly offline for the New York portion of the trip, and only in the evenings during the conference. So if it seems like I'm not around... it's because I'm not. ;)

I do wonder why library organizations keep scheduling these conferences for early spring in locales that have winter. C'mon, folks, how about Hawaii? Or Florida? Or the Bahamas? I've never been to the Bahamas...

And now, we pack.

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