May 23rd, 2011

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Summoned, I come; 30 Days of FF (08 & 09)

Ah, jury duty. The sound of news programs in the background and the tapping of laptop keyboards as we wait to be called and hear our fate. The jury waiting room at SF Civil Court is actually pretty comfortable, with decent wireless and lots of outlets. I don't know whether to hope I spend a lot of time here today or not.

Updated: The correct answer was not. Free to leave after less than an hour, that's the way I like it.

Meanwhile, another day of meme.

Day 08 – Favourite Chocobo Version.

It's got to be this little guy: Sazh's pet chocobo chick from FFXIII.

So cute, such a great foil for Sazh, and I enjoyed the dimension it added to the story.

Day 09 – Favourite Moogle Version.

Final Fantasy IX. MogNet is one of my favorite sidequests in any FF game -- I enjoy a good excuse to run around the world and see it from a different point of view -- and the idea of a messenger network of Moogles really tickles me. We also get to see many different personalities on view, from world-traveler Stiltzkin to Eiko's faithful Mog, which is a great way to develop an entire moogle society.

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