May 26th, 2011

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Writing update; obsessions; 30 days of FF (10 & 11)

Okay, so remember how I said at the start of the month that I was in consumption mode and shouldn't hold super high expectations for myself? Yeah, so much for that. 26,694 words this month, with a week to go, and inspiration still running high.

This happened last year, too, at just about the same time, thanks to a plethora of excellent FFEX prompts. This year? I think it's pretty clear who's to blame. 18,000 words in less than a month over three Dragon Age stories. It's been a long time since I've felt a creative drive quite this strong. And, as ever, I love it.

Still, while new fandoms come, the old ones aren't going anywhere. Even if I'm having a little trouble with the balance right now...

Day 10 – Best Final Fantasy scene ever.

Don't think I can narrow this down to just one. I've already mentioned the opening cutscene of the Assault on Bevelle in FFX. Auron's final scene is a favorite as well, and I will never stop being bitter that it didn't rate a full-blown FMV. The Crimson Squad confrontation beneath Bevelle in FFX-2 is my favorite scene in that game, closely followed by "Your plan sucks." Another cut scene I really love is the FMV that opens Chapter 12 in Final Fantasy XIII. It might be my favorite action sequence to watch in the series.

Day 11 – Final Fantasy game that disappointed you.

The best answer to this has to be FFVII. It is so influential, and so beloved, that I think my expectations for it were probably set beyond anything that was reasonable. So to come out of it with a largely "meh" reaction was a disappointing experience.

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Odd thought; DW codes

It occurred to me yesterday that I have now worked in the library for longer (five years and two months) than my former boss did (four years and five months). I haven't yet been the director for longer -- that's about half a year off -- but still. And yet, there's a part of me that still feels like I'm the temporary custodian of her library. I'm sure that's largely because it's named in her memory, so in a very real way, it is her library and always will be. Still, it's a weird feeling. Especially when I consider how many people there are around now who never knew her at all. Students, of course, since the student population is ever-shifting, but faculty and staff, too.

In less discomfiting news, I got a whole stack of DW invite codes today. So if anyone is interested, let me know.

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