May 30th, 2011

ffx2 - paine

Road trip!; 30 Days of FF (14 & 15)

I drove to Los Angeles and back this weekend. If I'm remembering correctly, this is a trip I haven't made since 2004; I've been to LA since then, but always with T, and he much prefers to fly. It's true that flying is, in most respects, more convenient, but I do enjoy making the drive from time to time. There's nothing quite like that moment where you pull onto I-5, step on the gas, and punch it up to 95 MPH.

It was a fun trip, featuring college friends, a Back to the Future marathon, five baby kittens, and a lot of tasty food. A fine way to spend a holiday weekend.

Meme time:

Day 14 – Favourite Final Fantasy male character.

Day 15 – Favourite Final Fantasy female character.

When I first looked over the questions on the meme, I did a sort of mental triage -- which would be difficult to answer, which would be easy, which would merit some significant writing time -- and my automatic thought upon seeing these was "How on earth am I going to choose?"

Then I thought for another thirty seconds and realized that these are probably the easiest answers on the meme. Favorite male character: Auron, Final Fantasy X. Favorite female character: Paine, Final Fantasy X-2. Not just because I adore them both (for reasons I have detailed before, most notably here), but because they were the first characters I was ever driven to write about, the first characters I ever spent days and weeks and hundreds of thousands of words fleshing out in my own head. How is it even possible to love another character more after that kind of experience?

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