June 24th, 2011

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The Prodigal - Chapter 4

Title: The Prodigal: Chapter 4 & Epilogue (4/4)
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Rating: R
Characters: Zevran, Alistair, Elissa Cousland, Arl Eamon
Pairings: Alistair/Cousland
Spoilers/Notes: See Chapter 1

Hooray, it is done! Thanks for reading. :)

Chapter 1: On DW / On LJ
Chapter 2: On DW / On LJ
Chapter 3: On DW / On LJ

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New York State of Mind

Tomorrow morning we leave for a week in New York City. Very excited to be taking our first real vacation in over two years, and especially excited that it's in New York, a city that I love. The last time I went there with T, it was 2003, and January, and in the middle of a cold snap that kept temperatures hovering around zero degrees for most of the trip. Not the best way to experience New York. I think the weather will be more agreeable this time.

Also, given today's events, I am more than happy to support New York with my tourist dollars! A happy coincidence, of course, but I will take it. :)

I'll have my phone along, but I don't expect to be online much during the trip, so this is me, signing off for now. Enjoy the final days of June!

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