July 24th, 2011

ffx2 - crimson squad speech

Your attention please: awesome things here

1. Final Fantasy folks: muggy_mountain has a modest proposal regarding feedback and remedying the recent lack thereof in our fandom. Check it out, and join in!

2. Avatar fans, or anyone who appreciates awesome television: KORRA. There is a trailer. It is awesome. I might need to watch it another fifteen dozen times.

More info and lots of pictures from the ComicCon panel here. So excited. Is it 2012 yet?

3. I get a weekend! Last week, I did not, so this is much-needed. I kicked it off yesterday evening with a friend's birthday party -- good company, toasted marshmallows, and maybe too much sangria. Today is quality time with T, and tomorrow I anticipate video games, shopping (I need jeans and shoes), and writing. Should be a good time. Hope you all are enjoying yours.

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da - hawke

Progress report: Dragon Age 2

I started playing DA2 a couple of weeks ago, shortly after getting back from New York, but I've held off on posting about it because I kept thinking that I had to be almost finished with Act One. And then more new quests would keep appearing, and those quests would trigger more quests, and so forth. So I've decided to stop putting it off (even though now I think I really am almost finished with Act One) and share my thoughts so far. Short version: although entertaining, it's not shaping up to be nearly as good as Origins. On the other hand, I didn't really expect it to be, and so far I'm enjoying it for what it is. Female rogue Hawke, Sereda Aeducan backstory (Wardens lived, Alistair is king and married to Anora; far as I can tell, that aspect hasn't come much into play yet).

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