August 22nd, 2011

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DA2 fic (yes, really)

Title: "Stages of Grief"
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Rating: MA
Wordcount: 1736
Characters: Female Rogue Hawke, Anders. Anders/Hawke.
Spoilers: Yes, major spoiler for the quest "All That Remains" in Act 2.
Notes: "KJ Does Things That Are Out of Character Theater" presents: a Dragon Age 2 story. Written, polished, and posted before I've even finished the game. Yes, you may all die of shock now. Please, please please, no post-Act 2 spoilers in comments, if you would. (I'm partway into Act 3, but just to be safe.) You will earn my undying gratitude. Update: I'm done now. Spoil at will.

Also, it's pretty shameless hurt/comfort porn, which. Yeah, I don't even know. So not my usual thing. But it felt like a missing scene, and boy did it ever want to be written. Oh game, what are you doing to me? First dubcon, now this? What is this world coming to, and why am I enjoying it so much?

Okay, enough of that. On with the story....

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da - hawke

Notes from a Monday

It was a glitch. ('Ware DA2 spoilers in that entry.) We redid the quest and fixed it. I feel better now.

Also today, I finally made some good progress on my Mega Flare story, which is running much more smoothly now that I've accepted the fact that I'm going to write the Dragon Age/FFXII crossover and that my original idea, the one based on the reversathon prompt, is going to have to go on hold for awhile. (Sorry, Sev. I really do want to write it someday!) Then, on the walk home from Panera, I was bitten by a plot bunny, hard. So the minute I got home, I sat myself down and pounded out a first draft in record time. It might be entirely too self-indulgent to ever polish and publish (honestly, I think it was a reaction of sorts to Saturday's gaming trauma), but we'll see.

Regarding things not relating in one way or another to Dragon Age... tomorrow begins my last week of the Tuesday-Saturday work schedule. I'll work this upcoming Saturday, have Sunday and Monday off, we get a four-day weekend for Labor Day, and then the other librarian and I will switch back to our regular schedules. Being a Saturday Librarian has been an interesting experiment, and in theory I'm not opposed to doing it again, but there were so many exceptions and schedule changes that I never worked the schedule for more than two weeks in a row; I was never really able to settle into a pattern. So we'll see. Meanwhile, four-day weekend coming up! And boy do I ever need one.

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