October 11th, 2011

heroes - hiro jump

Random Tuesday morning pick-me-up

It's a dreary gray morning here, complete with drizzle, technical difficulties, Muni fail, and not enough coffee. Which makes it a good time to share some cheerful music!

This is one of the pieces we're doing in my chorus this quarter. I also performed it back in high school, and it's long been one of my favorites. Presenting "Good Ale", lyric traditional, music by John Rutter, a drinking song featuring some of the pickiest eaters ever:

Seriously picky: bacon is too fat, mutton is too lean, brown bread is too hearty, white bread is not hearty enough. And don't even ask me to explain the problem with duck. But they want their beer, and they want it now. You have to admire people who know what they want.

Lyrics here. Enjoy!

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