November 20th, 2011

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Dragon Age ficbits

Something I seem to do when I get into a new fandom: write a lot of ficbits to prompts. It mostly happened in my journal with FFX/X-2, and in places like the Kissing Battle and FFEX for FFXII, but Dragon Age has a number of ongoing prompt sources, and I've been having fun playing around with them. Here are some of the shorts I've generated in the last couple of months, reposted to AO3 as a series I'm calling Pieces of Thedas. Gen unless otherwise specified, rated K /mild T.

Title: Based on Actual Events
Characters: Varric
Prompt: Writer's block

Varric shook his head and drew the pen through the words, two dark black lines. "That doesn't sound like her at all."

Title: About the Weather
Characters: Alistair, Sereda Aeducan. Pre-relationship.
Prompt: "Can your 'science' explain why it rains?"

Sereda is still getting used to life on the surface.

Title: Bedtime Story
Characters: Morrigan
Prompt: "Tell me a story."
Notes: Spoilers for Morrigan, post-game

"That's a good story, Mother. Is it true?"

Title: Gallows Coup
Characters: Thrask, f!Hawke
Prompt: DA2: Things we wish we could have done in game
Notes: AU. Spoilers through Act 3.

"There's only one way to keep Kirkwall from descending into bloody chaos, and you know what it is."

Title: Fallen to Rise
Characters: Anora
Prompt: "Do you hear the people sing?"
Notes: Spoilers for the Redeemer Ending.

The Queen stands alone, unseeing, at the palace window, hearing the celebration from high above.

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