November 27th, 2011

da - alistair 3

Fic: "Faithful"

Title: Faithful
Fandom: DA:O/DA:A
Rating: T
Wordcount: 2381
Characters: Aeducan, Alistair, Anders
Pairings: Alistair/Sereda Aeducan, Alistair/Anora
Spoilers: Yes, for both DA:O and DA:A
Notes: Bunnied, a long time ago, during my first playthrough of Awakening, by the conversation between Aeducan and Anders that opens the fic. Collapse ) Add that to my fascination with making stable triads work, and, well, you get this. Look for other stories that continue this theme, as I finish up WIPs with the ending of the year!

Collapse )

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