November 28th, 2011

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Round Two

So I mentioned earlier that I was playing DA: Awakening again, with my Cousland Warden; the reason I gave at the time was to get Elissa's voice back in my head for the DA/FFXII crossover, and that was true, but I also wanted to set up a DA2 import with the Awakening flags on and a Warden Alistair ending for Origins. I finished up that playthrough yesterday, and today I started my long-awaited second run through DA2 as a mage.

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And now, let's talk a little bit about Marissa Hawke, who I seem to be playing as an aggressive combat mage who will do almost any job if the price is right, is protective of her family even if she doesn't always like them much, doesn't seem to have particularly strong opinions about mage freedom as long as no one gets in her way, and might end up rivaling pretty much everyone. Very, very different from the character archetype I usually play, but that was kind of the point -- I wanted to see how far in the other direction I could make myself go. We'll see how well I can make it stick. Collapse ) The other significant change I made was buying the Sebastian DLC -- I've triggered his quest but haven't really met him yet, but I'm looking forward to getting to know him, too.

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