November 29th, 2011

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New addiction

Help, I've fallen into Tumblr and I can't get out!

Is it the fast pace? Is it the ease of replies? Is it the fact that it's much easier to check from my phone? Is it because Dragon Age fandom seems to be more active there than on the journals? Is it the fact that there are pictures of cats and otters and owls and cats and Varrics and cats (among other things) at every turn? I don't know; all I know is that I check my dashboard constantly, and show no signs of letting up.

Somehow, it's much less scary to add someone I don't know on Tumblr than it is to friend them on LJ or add them to my DW reading list, and it's far, far less scary to reblog a post than it is to leave a comment. I'm not yet convinced it's the most effective way to have in-depth conversations -- following comment chains, especially, can get really confusing -- and yet it seems to be working for lots of people. Would it be too spammy to start linking my fic there, or my in-depth meta posts? I'm still so unsure of the etiquette. Thoughts welcome on that, or any other advice on how to Tumblr; as much fun as I'm having there, it still doesn't come nearly as naturally as the journaling sites.

[ profile] lifeofkj: come join in! I'm still mostly reblogging, but original content is starting to work its way in, mostly photos and the random DA spam that doesn't seem worthy of a full post here.

ETA: I'm certainly not leaving DW/LJ for Tumblr; I'm so much happier with the journaling sites as a place for longer posts and especially for fic. Plus, this is my home. LJ, especially, I've been posting here for going on eight years, and the thought of walking away from that is a little bit terrifying. ;) So no worries, if you had them -- [personal profile] owlmoose and owlmoose will continue to be my primary venue for posting anything more than a picture or a few sentences for a long time to come.

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