December 30th, 2011

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A few more DA fics

Wrapping up my crossposting for the year! Some Tumblrfic, one for the random prompt generator, one for the dragon_age weekly prompt meme, and one for dragonage_kink. All links go to AO3.

Title: A Different Time, A Different Place
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Marian Hawke/Anders, Isabela, Sigrun, Oghren, Varric
Spoilers: For the Act Three quests "Finding Nathaniel" and "Justice".
Notes: Written for a prompt on the kink meme (note: full prompt contains Act Three spoilers). "Anders may not have parted with the Wardens on good terms, but he does seem to remember the Awakening crew in a positive light.... How do you deal with knowing that people who are separated from your lover by several years and an ocean seem to do more for his peace of mind than you can?" Catnip to me for several reasons.

"It was just another day in The Hanged Man, until the front door opened to admit two dwarves in Grey Warden armor."


Title: Desperate Times
Rating: Teen (for violence)
Characters: Marissa Hawke/Fenris, Justice, Anders, Danarius
Spoilers: For the Act Three quest "Alone".
Notes: Totally sprang out of my head during the Marissa Hawke game. An AU about what might have happened if a mage Hawke, in love with Fenris, had lost him to Danarius. This might be the first chapter of a longer story someday.

After she loses the battle with Danarius, how far will Hawke go to get Fenris back?


Title: Mutual
Rating: General
Characters: Alistair/Sereda Aeducan, Nathaniel Howe
Spoilers: Implied for Alistair and Nathaniel backstory
Notes: Inspired by a ficbit I wrote for [ profile] minorearth and her response fic, regarding Nathaniel and Alistair and how they might react to each other. Those bits were from Nathaniel's POV; I wanted to take a look at Alistair's side.

"Nathaniel Howe doesn't much care for me, does he?"

Title: Brotherhood
Rating: General
Characters: Alistair, Carver
Spoilers: Through the end of Act Two.
Notes: Another one I was seized to write while playing Marissa Hawke's story. I have become quite entranced with Carver and hope to explore his character much more in the future. And I love the idea of Alistair serving as a mentor figure to him.

Carver faces down his past; Alistair deals with the fallout.


Title: No Salvation
Rating: General
Characters: Lord Harrowmont, Sereda Aeducan. Unrequited Harrowmont > Aeducan
Spoilers: For the Dwarf Noble Origin
Notes: Inspired by the Dragon Age Drabbles random prompt generator on Tumblr. The prompt was "Lord Harrowmont/The Warden, forbidden fruit". This might be my new headcanon.

Lord Pyral Harrowmont has done all he can for the exile.

Unless something strange happens tomorrow, this is it for me and fic in 2011. And what a year it has been! Watch for my various wrap-up posts tomorrow or the next day.

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