January 6th, 2012

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30 Days of DA: Tales of the Wardens

Day Six: Your Warden's story

I have three Wardens.

Most recent is my in-progress m!Surana (he's about to trigger the Landsmeet after wrapping up a couple of chores in Denerim). He's a bit of a generalist, an idealist at heart but getting more and more sour with each compromise he has to make, and completely obsessed with Zevran. I like him, but I never felt like I got to know him very well -- he was created in part so that I could see some different outcomes (other romances, siding with Branka, recruiting the secret Companion -- although I don't know if i'll be able to go through with that one -- etc.). Too much meta-gaming.

My first Warden, played jointly with T, was an f!Cousland warrior, sword and shield specialty, romanced Alistair. Although I can write her into almost any future, and have, her canon ending is as Warden-Commander, Alistair at her side, Anora ruling alone. But since she was a joint project who also sometimes made decisions for gameplay reasons, I have a harder time feeling a strong connection with her.

And then we have my second Warden, the only one so far that I've really role-played, and the one I consider my canon Warden for most purposes: Sereda Aeducan. She is "my" Warden, and this is her story.

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If you made it through all that, I salute you. ;) As my canon Warden, Sereda is also my favorite to write about. I've posted several stories about her, with and without Alistair, on AO3, and I expect there will be more to come.

*I really wish the game had provided a nod to this option for a Dwarf Noble. Of course there's no way they could actually go through with taking the throne -- it would totally break the story -- but it would have been a nice touch of realism for an Aeducan to be able to at least allude to it.

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