January 7th, 2012

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DA2 Fic: "Veritas"

Title: Veritas
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Rating: Teen (violence, makeouts -- not at the same time)
Wordcount: 4559
Characters: Fenris, Female Mage Hawke, Anders. Fenris/Hawke with Anders/Hawke implications
Spoilers: For "A Bitter Pill" and "Questioning Beliefs". Includes dialogue from both quests.
Notes: Inspired by this prompt on the kinkmeme. The first time I played DA2, my Hawke flirted with pretty much everybody. If she had ended up with Fenris instead of Anders, I like to think this is pretty close to how things would have gone down (except not quite, because that Marian was a rogue).

Fenris cares for Hawke, but he will never dare to let her know, especially as she seems to be more interested in Anders. Until a series of stressful events, and a few bottles of wine, conspire to bring some truths to the forefront.

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Question for DA folks

So one of my favorite events on the Final Fantasy fandom calendar is the Kiss Battle. It's happened every February, in some form or another, for many years now, since 2007 I think? And I dearly hope it runs again this year, because it's always a highlight for me.

The other day, I got to wondering: is there anything similar in Dragon Age fandom?

And if not, should there be?

One thing that gives me pause is the apparent migration of DA fandom to Tumblr. Tumblr is great for a lot of fandom projects, but probably not this one -- it's similar in format to a kinkmeme, and so it depends on threaded comments and replies. Dreamwidth would be the perfect platform (or maybe LJ, but the recent changes to the commenting system make following comment threads wonky at best), but in my experience, there isn't a whole lot of DA fandom activity here, even less than on LiveJournal. Would people even participate if it were hosted on DW?

Anyway, I'm probably putting the cart in front of the horse with this concern; the most relevant question right now is whether a critical mass of people would be interested at all. What do you all think? Or, if such a community/project already exists, please point me there! Thanks. :)

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30 Days of DA: Favorite Quest

I am just a posting machine lately, aren't I? Journaling projects where I get to talk about my latest obsession will do that. I hope you aren't all tired of me yet.

Day Seven: Favorite quest

My favorite major quest line is the Urn of Sacred Ashes in DA:O. It's only quest that takes you all over the map; you have to chase down clues and figure out multiple mysteries, and it also includes some of the only puzzles in the game. Because it covers so much terrain, it includes a good variety of combat, and the major boss battle (by which I mean Kolgrim; I've never beaten the dragon) is challenging but not impossible. I enjoy getting such a strong dose of lore, too. Finally, the Gauntlet includes some really awesome character development moments for the Warden and her companions; it's one of those quests that I want to run with a different party every time. (In Sereda's game, I brought along Team Heretic -- Morrigan, Zevran, and Sten -- and it was highly amusing.)

Similarly, I really enjoy Captured!, because it's one that can play out a lot of different ways depending on who is there and which approach you take, often to entertaining effect.

As for Dragon Age 2, the winner is Legacy, hands-down. Collapse )

In terms of the smaller quests, my favorite has to be The Long Road. Especially when you bring Isabela along. It's just so entertaining and provides a nice change in tone from the life-or-death nature of the other companion quests.

Also, Aveline/Donnic forever.

Complete list of questions

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