January 22nd, 2012

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For the Grey Wardens

I've been contemplating doing this for awhile, and now it's done: "screenshots" (aka photographs taken from the television screen) of each of my three Grey Wardens. On my Tumblr, here. Also see above (or to the side, depending) for a shiny new icon of my dwarf lady. It makes me very happy.

I got the snap of Sereda today by replaying the opening of Awakening. I should do that once every few months just to get her back into my head -- watching her fight, hearing her battle shouts, relieving the reunion with King Alistair did so much for the story I've been stalled on.

Back later with my DA post for the day, where I take on the impossible task of choosing a favorite NPC. Because seriously, how am I supposed to do that?!

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30 Days of DA: Favorite NPC

Day Twenty-two: Favorite NPC

I've talked about these questions asking for a favorite being difficult before, but seriously. Seriously. Thedas is populated with so many fascinating, well-realized NPCs that even starting to narrow it down is a problem. Duncan, Teagan Guerrin, Gorim, Dagna, First Enchanter Irving, Shianni, Anora. Flemeth. Cullen. Bodhan Feddic and Sandal. Seneschal Varel. Athenril, Thrask, Keeper Marethari, Seamus, the Arishok, Cassandra. Every time I look back up at this, I think of another name to add. And if I started listing bit players, this list could get even longer. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love these games for the characters. All of the characters. One of the things I enjoy most about the world is how populated it feels, how real, and the breadth and depth of the NPCs is a huge part of that.

That said, I suppose I have to pick someone. And so I'm going to pick Flemeth. Because she is always so much more than she seems. Because she's an old lady who wields power and kicks ass and couldn't care less what you think of her while she's doing it. Because she might in fact be the puppetmaster pulling all the strings in Thedas right now, or maybe she just knows how to toss a bomb in the right place for maximum effect. Because it's clear that she's playing a really long game, and I want to know what her plan is. Because she's Captain Janeway. And because when we come to the end of all things, I suspect she might be the last woman standing, and I think I'm really okay with that.

Complete list of questions

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