February 1st, 2012

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January update, February Goals

Days written: 27/31
Words written: 20,512
Words of fic written: 15,361
Stories worked on: Either seven or twelve, depending on whether the individual stories for the alphabet meme count as stories or chapters
Stories posted: Five or ten, same caveat.
New projects signed up for, despite vow: Three

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Off to a good start! Specific goals:

1. Write an average of six days per week. Yes, did this.

2. Finish my recently-claimed kmeme prompt and "Separation of Powers". Got the kmeme prompt story written but made no progress on Separation of Powers, and I'm not going to for a little while -- I opened it the other day and found myself completely unable to get into Marian Hawke's canon or headspace. I think this is just because I've been so immersed in Marissa lately, what with the Dragon Age Alphabet I'm writing for her. It's interesting that I seem able to shuffle blithely among various Wardens but can only focus on one Hawke at a time. Once the Alphabet stories are finished, I'll get back to Separation.

3. Start and complete the "30 Days of Dragon Age" meme, with substantial meta posts as much as possible. Done! Although the meta did get less substantial as I went on, I'm afraid.

4. Participate in the Chocobo Races. For real this time. No, but largely because there was no theme this month. I did write an FFX story this month, though, and I'm pretty happy about that.

Goals for February:

1. Write an average of five days per week. February and March are almost always down months for me as far as productivity is concerned, and this year I might actually remember to build that into my schedule!

2. Write and post my stories for the Tumblr Valentine's Day exchange (I have an idea in mind, though I haven't started) and [community profile] dragonagewomen.

3. Participate in kiss battles, and possibly run one for Dragon Age (I haven't completely decided whether to proceed with that; thoughts?).

4. Finish the Dragon Age Alphabet stories.

More than enough for what's meant to be a quieter month, I think!

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So, Sherlock

I gave in to the siren call of every single person on the Internet ever and watched both seasons of Sherlock, finishing up tonight. Reaction: generally positive, I understand why fandom has fallen in love with it, and I look forward to seeing more.

Since I'm on Tumblr, it was impossible to avoid some level of spoilage, especially for the final episode. Collapse )

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