April 1st, 2012

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FogCon Update!

As expected, FogCon has been great so far. Interesting panels, some fun activities, chatting with people both known and new to me. A couple of fun "oh, you're KJ/owlmoose!" moments. I haven't really been taking close notes -- although, as always, I've been adding to the to-read list, even though I barely made a dent in my to-read list from the last FogCon -- but some thoughts and impressions...

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March update; April goals

Days written: 26/31
Words written: 14,804
Words of fic written: 19,903
Stories worked on: Either eight twelve, same caveat about the alphabet meme as usual, plus a few quick prompt fics.
Stories posted: Four full-length stories, four Alphabet stories, and ficbits as above.
New projects signed up for: None, for once. But Doink! is coming....


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Specific goals:

1. Write an average of five days per week. Did a little better than this. Very good, for March.

2. Finish [community profile] dragonagewomen story, claim for [community profile] areyougame, and remix assignment for [community profile] newgameplus. All complete!

3. Work on, and ideally finish, the Dragon Age Alphabet. Good progress, but nowhere near done -- I'm just over halfway through the alphabet, posting up to 'N'. I wish I had gone faster on this; it feels like the moment for the meme is done, even though I know a lot of people aren't finished yet.

Still, pretty pleased with these results. Now, for April:

1. Write an average of six days per week. February and March are over, time to get back to the usual level of goals.

2. Take advantage of the lull between events to finish up the Alphabet meme.

3. In the same vein, work on Wardens of Ivalice.

4. Work on/finish story for [community profile] ff_exchange! Although I don't know the closing dates yet, it seems likely that at least the first will be applicable. Yay, Doink!

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FogCon wrapup

I'm about to fall over from tiredness -- a combination of post-con collapse and lack of sleep from work stress (long story) caught up with me actually around lunchtime, so I left then rather than sticking around for the last panel session and the post-mortem -- but I want to make note of the last things I did so I don't forget it all.

I went to two sessions today. The first was a panel on loving problematic things, which was big and messy and complicated and sometimes frustrating and could have been at least an hour longer. It ran almost ten minutes long as it was and left a lot unresolved. I might have more to say about this one later. It was definitely worth going: I know I got some food for thought out of it.

The other was the Guest of Honor reading, which I attended mostly for Nalo Hopkinson, who is a wonderful reader -- her writing has a strong voice, and hearing it in her own voice gives it a stunning musicality. She read from her new YA novel, Chaos, which I immediately went to the vendor floor and purchased. I hadn't been familiar with Hopkinson's work at all before she was announced as one of the GoH (the other, Shelly Jackson, was unfortunately not able to attend at the last minute), so I made a point of going out and picking up a couple of her books -- I didn't do that before the last FogCon, and I regretted it -- and read one, Brown Girl in the Ring, which I totally recommend.

After that, as mentioned, I was pretty wiped out, so I grabbed lunch and headed home. Sorry, if anyone seeing this missed saying goodbye to me, or catching up with me at all! Next time, for sure.

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