June 8th, 2012

cats - silver kitty

Life, the Universe, etc.

Whenever I go a week without posting, it feels wrong, like somehow I might cease to exist in this corner of the Internet if I don't interact with it often enough. I'm still around, I still comment -- I doubt anyone starts wondering if I have disappeared off the face of the earth. (Especially as it remains obvious to anyone within 50 miles of Tumblr that I have not.)

Anyway, still here. Still working the Saturday work schedule. Vegas was a great time. The highlight of the trip was probably the tour of the Neon Boneyard, which is where many of the city's old signage lives. I posted a selection of my favorite pictures on Tumblr, here. They're opening a full-blown museum later this summer, which I would love to go see. We also saw the Cirque de Soleil show 'O', which was pretty much as amazing as billed, wandered around town, hung out in a very crowded pool, and ate. Good time with good friends. Next up, I am going back to Rome. For a week. Less than two weeks from now. So, so, so excited.

The less said about work, the better, although at least I feel like I've finally adjusted to the new schedule (just in time for me to stop working in for break). The other thing of note that's happened lately is that one of my cats, Tori, has started having unexplained seizures. Not very often -- four that we know of, over the time period of a month -- and the vet can't find anything else wrong with her, so it's probably just some sort of epilepsy. It's scary, but as long as it stays within certain tolerances, it's not likely to cause her any long-term harm, so for now we watch and wait, and maybe if they get more severe we put her on medication. Between times she seems totally fine, to the point where I was hoping that the first couple of attacks were a fluke, but alas, no. Not fun times for kitty. :(

Fandomwise, I got my Doink! story submitted a whole day early, got a great Al-Cid/Ashe/Balthier story as my gift, and have continued to work on my Hawke Alphabet with the hopes of maybe getting it done this month. No other Avengers fic so far, although an Idea continues to brew. Right now my Avengers fannishness seems to be more about meta, and keymashing over how much I love the characters. Which is easy to do on Tumblr, the land of pretty pictures and quick-fire meta conversations. My Dragon Age replay is approaching endgame -- just reached Denerim -- and I should write more about that, because it's been a really interesting experience.

So that's things by me. How are all of you, out there in Journal-land?

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