October 1st, 2012

dim sum

And so here we are...

Sleeping in on a Monday and then wandering down to Panera, instead of being up at the crack of dawn for the first day of a new academic quarter, has helped it sink in that I'm not actually having some weird long weekend, but am facing a new era of my life.

I'm not quite ready to sit down and make plans yet -- I'm on call for a couple of things today -- but by the end of the week I want to have at least a road map: a rough schedule for writing, job hunting, and chores; a list of things I want to try to accomplish; get some travel planned (Seattle at the end of the month? I also want to head to LA at some point. I am resisting the idea of taking a few weeks to just drive around the US on my own because I'm not sure how I would feel about a solo road trip that long and it might wreak havoc on my RSI. It sure sounds fun, though). Need to sort through the possibilities and decide what I really want to prioritize. And let myself have some fun, too. This is a bit of a break from "real life" for me, and I want to take advantage of that, while not letting good opportunities pass me by.

I am sometimes reminded that the whole reason I started my LJ in the first place was to give me a spot to write down my thoughts and doings the last time I got laid off. My journal, my reasons for writing, and my online life have changed a lot since those days (which were pre-fanfiction and pre-fandom). But maybe this is the jolt I need to get me posting more often, or at least crossposting the meatier stuff from Tumblr.

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