November 4th, 2012


Preparing for my civic duty

Wow, lots of new people from the friending meme! *waves to new people* Now I am going to scare you all away by writing about politics. ;)

So it's election time in California, and that means one thing: ballot initiatives. State, city, county, local. Since San Francisco is both a city and a county, at least I have one one layer of local ballot issues as opposed to many of my friends who have two, but still, it can get pretty out of control. The fact that I have "only" 18 to deal with this time around makes the ballot seem positively tiny. Still, it is a lot of things to read up on and figure out, and the fact that I'm sure the vast majority of my fellow Californians don't bother to do the same, but just vote based on TV ads and the titles of the propositions depresses me greatly. But I've ranted about the CA proposition system and how much I hate it before, so I'll spare you all that. This time. Fortunately, I had the chance to get together with friends today to talk through the ballot and share impressions and information, and I came away feeling pretty secure on how I'm going to vote on all the initiatives.

What I don't know is how to vote in local elections such as school board, and information and endorsements seem really hard to come by. And it's so important, because so much of politics is local. On a day-to-day basis, who sits on the school board probably has a much bigger impact on my life than who is president. And it can have larger ramifications, too: issues like teaching creationism in schools happens at a local level (not that I think we're in danger of a rash of creationists sneaking onto the school board in San Francisco), and many people start their political careers in positions like these. It's too bad that there isn't a better way to access the candidates' platforms, records, alliances, etc. Guess it's time to start digging.

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Banging away

On the keyboard, that is. Progress on my dragonagebb fic is finally happening, slowly but surely, and wrisomifu has already served its intended purpose: I had a very full schedule yesterday, and nine times out of ten, on a day like that, I'd have just said "screw it, I'll write more tomorrow." Instead, I took exactly ten minutes to site down and write, and when I was finished, I had 340 more words than the beginning of the day. A drop in the bucket, but every drop helps. As of today, I have about 5200 words, which in theory is a quarter of the way there, but there is no way this story is getting told in 20k. Still, I feel like I'm well under way! A bit of a snippet:

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I also did succeed in finishing my Cinders fic! It's more like a published second draft than anything (no one, not even a beta, is ever going to see a true rough draft from me), and once DABB is over I'll polish it up for posting on AO3, but it's over here on Tumblr for anyone interested.

Good progress, let's hope I can keep it up. :)

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