November 16th, 2012

da - aeducan

DA Ficbit - "The Kissing Part"

So there's this Tumblr called [ profile] imagineyourotp that posts lots of pairing-based prompts. It took the site by storm for a little while; then it died down, as crazes do, but there are still several prompts every day. I don't follow them, but a lot of the people I follow do, and every so often a prompt will catch my eye. And yesterday, one that I simply could not pass up started making the rounds:

Imagine your OTP when their height difference is great enough that Person A always had to lean up on their tiptoes to kiss Person B; or Person B picks Person A up to kiss them.

Now I ask you, how was I supposed to not write this for Alistair and Sereda? The results are below. Worksafe, but watch out for teeth-rotting sweetness. About 400 words

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library - evelyn

Somebody that I used to know

Today, I had lunch with J, the librarian who stayed when I was laid off. We ate at the campus restaurant, and it was both nice and very, very weird. It was like being a visitor in a house where I once lived -- you know the place like the back of your hand, and a part of you feels like you never left, but maybe they've put down new carpet, or the silverware isn't in the same drawer where it was before, so it's right and wrong at the same time, which is very disconcerting. The walk there was so familiar, as though I'd just come back from a very long lunch break. And the restaurant manager had to think about why I was wearing a visitor's badge. And now I have to remind myself that I'm not just going back on Monday, for the first time in awhile. Kind of disconcerting.

But overall it was great -- I've exchanged a few emails with J, but we hadn't had much chance to talk, so I was glad to catch up. We worked closely together for over six years, saw each other every day that we both worked, and talked a lot. You get to know someone pretty well under those circumstances, so I've been missing her, and I know she's missed me even more (since she's now having to run the library basically by herself). I probably won't get there to visit much, but I am glad to have seen her, and I resolved to stay in better email contact (terrible as I am at email).

Now I am home and resting up before my concert, trying to decide what I should do between now and then; probably the best choice is working on my DABB, but we'll see if I actually get motivated to do it.

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