January 5th, 2013


Trope Bingo!

Because I am smart and never, ever overcommit myself, I signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo.

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Many tasty things here, and almost every one is something I can try to work with, although some are more instantly appealing than others (presumed dead, holiday, and drunkfic are the ones that jump out right away, which suggests either the top row or the last column). The deadline is a few months off -- I would never have signed up otherwise -- so I have some time to poke at it.

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Finished Mass Effect

Actually, we finished a few days back, and started playing Mass Effect 2 on the same day. I'll hold my thoughts on ME2, though, so this post can be clean of spoilers for it.

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So overall, I'd say I enjoyed the game, certainly enough to continue on to ME2. Gameplay was pretty fun once I got used to the controls, although it helped immensely that I could hand the controller off to T whenever I got frustrated. And I did get frustrated, particularly when the Mako was involved. (Believe it or not, Mako missions were his favorite thing.) If I ever replay, it will definitely be on Casual (we played on Normal with the targeting assists turned on). Good characters, story with a few twists on the usual expectations, the sense of a deep and interesting universe that I hope I get to explore more. I haven't fallen in love the way I did with Dragon Age, but I suppose time and future games will tell.

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