February 1st, 2013


January update; February goals

Days written: 25/31
Words written: 19,042
Words of fic written: 15,027
Stories worked on: Five and some ficbits
Stories posted: One new story, two reposts, and the ficbits

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Specific goals:

1. Write at least 6 days per week. Yes, except during my trip to LA.

2. Finish my story for the Chocobo Races. Done, and on time! Amazingly enough.

3. Complete final draft for my DABB, due on January 31st. Yes, and a few days early even.

4. Time permitting, clean up "Right Hand Woman" for posting on AO3. Success!

Well that went pretty well. More than pretty well. Maybe I wasn't ambitious enough!

Goals for February:

1. Write at least 6 days per week.

2. Polish and post my DABB by deadline (posting date not yet received).

3. Run DA Kiss Battle, and participate in FF Kiss Battle (I'd love to write at least two fics).

4. Finish the Trope Bingo WIP I started this week and start at least one more.

5. Work on the 30 Day Grey Warden meme (if I do one per day, that takes me to early March).

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