February 2nd, 2013

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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Two

Master list of questions here.

Day Two: Describe your Warden's appearance.

Kasia is blond, with rosy-pink skin, light green eyes, and a round face. She wears her hair short, typically chin-length, scattered with small braids that keep it from falling in her eyes. She has two markings on her face: the casteless brand on her right cheek, and a dark stripe over her right eye. (More details on the upcoming question that's specifically about tattoos.) Her eyes are a bit larger than average for a dwarf, and the bridge of her nose a bit narrower. She's also short, even for a dwarf, standing about 4'2". These features combine to make most dwarves write her off as delicate and fragile. That often frustrates her, even though she can sometimes use it to her advantage. Most non-dwarves consider Kasia attractive, tending toward cute rather than beautiful. She will always look younger than she is, another thing that cause people to underestimate her.

For the most part, Kasia wears practical attire: simple leather armor that lets her blend into the crowd and move freely, suede pants and light tunics when she's out of armor. No skirts, unless she absolutely has to. She doesn't usually wear jewelry -- it gets in the way -- although she is very attached to her Grey Warden pendent, once she gets it, for sentimental as well as practical reasons. She doesn't tend to wear the official Grey Warden armor, though, because she thinks it's too flashy for sneaking around in the shadows.

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