February 6th, 2013

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DABB Fic: "Justify the Means"

Hooray, it's done!

Title: Justify the Means
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: M
Wordcount: 43k (7 chapters + epilogue)
Characters: f!Aeducan, f!Brosca, Alistair, Oghren, lots of dwarves, most of the main party. Main pairing is f!Brosca/Alistair.
Spoilers: Both dwarf origins, the "Paragon of her Kind" quest line, and endgame.
Notes: A Dragon Age AU, based on the premise that both dwarf origins were recruited as Wardens. Written for the 2012 round of dragonagebb. Very very many thanks to my beta, [personal profile] here_be_dragons!

My artist was [tumblr.com profile] linaleah, and she created some fantastic portraits and sketches of the two Wardens featured in this story. You can see them all here! Please check them out. :)

Summary: When Duncan paid a visit to Orzammar, he left with not one recruit, but two: Natia Brosca, a girl who survived Dust Town by making friends and moving through the shadows, and warrior princess Sera Aeducan, a talented fighter used to getting her own way. Both survived the Joining and the battle of Ostagar; now, along with Alistair and a few other companions, they must find a way to work together and defeat the Blight.

Posted to AO3.

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30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Five

Okay, so it turns out I won't be doing one of these every day. Perhaps you are even relieved to hear this. ;) But I will keep working on it as I can.

Day Five. Who is your Warden's romantic interest(s)? Describe their relationship(s) in detail.

Kasia had two romantic interests throughout her game, and they were somewhat influence by her history, so I won't be answering the subquestions exactly as linked above, but I will use them as a guideline.

Well, I say she had two romantic interests, but it's more correct to say there were three. Collapse )

Such is the epic tale of Kasia Brosca's romance during the Blight. Much of this is also told in story form, in the ficlet series From Dust We Came.

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