March 6th, 2013

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Good morning!

Another day, another post about representation of women authors in best-of lists. This time, it's the NPR YA List from 2012, and although women tend to receive more recognition as YA authors, there is still plenty to discuss. The bloggers over at [community profile] ladybusiness were kind enough to let me post my thoughts over there.

The NPR YA List: Playing Favorites?

If you are interested, take a look!

In other news, yesterday was my *mumbles age that ends in zero* birthday. I had a lazy day, then went out with friends for drinks and dinner, including a Flaming Mai Tai, which was free, and mighty tasty too.

FogCon is this weekend, and I'm pretty excited. Also a little nervous, because I'm on my first panel, ever, about copyright issues in fandom as they relate to both creators and fans. On reflection, and in conversation with my fellow panelists, it's probably too big a topic for an hour, but we'll see how it goes! I intend to represent as fan, librarian, and OTW member (although hm, maybe my membership has lapsed; I should check) as best I can. Wish me luck!

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