March 14th, 2013

da - brosca

30 Day Warden Challenge: Day Fourteen

14. Viewpoint [Part Two - Mages Rights]. How does your character view Mages? Apostates? Blood Magic? How do they react to Morrigan’s shape shifting? How do they react to Wynne being a abomination? If they are a Mage describe their views of the Circle and if they believe they should be free or not.

Mages and magic in general: Being a dwarf without much knowledge or experience of the surface, when Kasia first becomes a Grey Warden, magic has about as much relevance to her life as the moon does -- she's heard that such a thing exists, but she's never seen it, knows next to nothing about it, and finds the very concept hard to wrap her head around. A giant floating orb in the sky that glows at night? People who can manipulate the elements and energy fields with their minds? They're about equally fantastic to her. Collapse )

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