April 1st, 2013


March roundup, April goals

Days written: 23/31
Words written: 15,788
Words of fic written: 7,709
Stories worked on: Four
Stories posted: None, not even any ficbits. Very unusual for me these days.

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Specific goals:

1. Write an average of 5 days per week. I suppose I hit this goal, but it doesn't really feel like it, since the last few days have been completely unproductive.

2. Finish and post giveaway story. I have a complete draft. It's out to beta right now. Hopefully it'll be ready to post soon.

3. Write something for the second round of dragonagewomen (and ideally combine this with finishing off a [community profile] trope_bingo square). Wrote a draft, hated it, let it sit for a week, opened the file and felt better about it with fresh eyes, polished it up and sent it in today (the due date). So technically yes.

4. Finish up the 30 Day Warden Challenge. Finished yesterday! I credit this and some of the other long posts I worked on entirely for not falling behind on total wordcount in March.

5. Time permitting, start Iron Man/Sherlock story. I did, in fact, start on this. But it needs a plot.

Since it's March, I should probably at least look in on my goals for the year, shouldn't I?

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Goals for April:

1. Write at least 5 days per week (I have a little travel coming up, so I want to be able to take weekends off).

2. Finish and post my first giveaway fic and my DA Women fic.

3. Write my DOINK! assignment!

4. Get enough of the Iron Man/Holmes crossover written that I can post at least part of it for [community profile] trope_bingo, and plan and write the last two prompts. (I may come back here for ideas later.)

This... is pretty ambitious. Especially considering how blah I've been with writing the last week or so. Hopefully I get over this hump soon.

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