July 2nd, 2013

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Pro-Templar run on DA2: some thoughts

I just finished my third time through Dragon Age 2. Default Garrett Hawke, two-handed warrior, purple to the core, rivalmanced Anders, friends with everyone else but Merrill, supported the Circle and the templars from the very beginning. I'm glad I did it, for science, but I don't know if I can ever do it again, at least not a solid pro-templar character. Although the situation is a complicated one, in the end my personal sympathies still lie with the mages, and playing a pro-templar game has helped solidify that for me.

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What next? Well, Alim Surana was the Warden in this universe, so I could start again DA2 again, using Kasia Brosca's backstory, although there's nothing really unique about that in terms of DA2 content I haven't seen. I also have my Loral Mahariel DA:O game, which I had been playing on my Mac, but I find it much more difficult than playing the PlayStation (I am totally stuck on the battle with the Lady of the Forest right now, and it's much more frustrating than fun). So I might give up on the siren call of screenshots and mods (I haven't even done anything with mods) and start over again on the PS3. Especially since I have much more DLC on the PS3. And I've been wanting to see what the DA2 universe is like with a Mahariel Warden, so maybe that should be next. With almost a year and a half until Inquisition, I have plenty of time for it.

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